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Wood Turning Courses

Wood Turning Courses are available to all. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced turner, we have a course to suit you. We offer 1 or 2-day courses, dependant upon your request. Our classes have a maximum of 2 students. Each student has his/her own lathe to work on and we supply the tools and wood to work with. Each student completes 2 or 3 projects during the 2-day course.

Instruction emphasizes the proper use of tools as well as correct sharpening techniques. Finishing and design are two other aspects which are touched upon during the 2 days. Lunch is provided both days, as well as rest breaks. The cost of the 2-day course is $300.00 (Cdn.) per person.

Our shop and showroom are located in the village of Boston, Ontario, just 15 minutes south of Brantford. The setting is rural, relaxing and conducive to a stress-free atmosphere  

Connections and shuttle services are available from Toronto Pearson International airport and Hamilton airport.

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teach3.jpg (198945 bytes)  We also offer advanced woodturning courses.



hollow turning  Specialty courses such as hollow turning.



A little information about Chalet Woodcraft Inc. As a business we have been teaching woodturning since 1981. Currently my wife and I (Lynne and Paul) now own the business. Paul is a formally trained woodturner with over 20 years experience. Thirteen of those years teaching. We feel that personal hands on instruction is the safest and most rewarding way to teach woodturning. That is why we limit our classes to 2 students per course. Our goal is to show you the proper way to turn wood while at the same time to enjoy itThank you for stopping at our page.             

        Paul & Lynne Ross

Have you ever had a desire to do something on the lathe but never knew quite how to get started? Are you looking at the brand-new set of tools that you got for Christmas and wonder, AYikes?! What do I do with these?@ Or have you been turning for some time and wondered if there is an alternative method to make your task a little easier?

It=s at this point that we here at Chalet Woodcraft Inc. can help by offering several levels of woodturning instruction. For the absolute beginner, who has maybe not even seen a wood lathe to advanced turners, each in their own specialty, we offer all levels of instruction.

Men and women from all ages, we make learning how to wood turn, fun, easy and educational. We offer 2-day beginners= courses, with a maximum of two people. On the first day we have a short introduction to faceplate or bowl turning tools. The two categories of tools being gouges, which cut and shape the wood and scrapers, which are strictly finishing tools. The first thing we teach is how to properly sharpen the tools. This is extremely important. Each student is assigned to a lathe. In the morning, turning is dedicated to green wood, learning how to deal with it in various ways.

The afternoon presents itself with a couple of different scenarios. One is that dry timber will be used. The other being that the design of the bowl will be changed to incorporate a small foot to lift the bowl up and off the base. Both of these aspects pose new and exciting challenges. Scrapers will also come into play for defining the design and preparing the surface for abrasives. The bowl is then sanded and finished to conclusion. With the first day complete, the student has a feel for turning and the tools, with special emphasis on cutting the wood.

Day two starts with an introduction to spindle or >between centre= tools. Here there are four categories; a roughing gouge, spindle gouge, skew and parting tool. Most of the day is spent on various exercises involving each tool. The better half of the afternoon focuses on one or two finished projects.

This course, as well as other advanced courses are tailored to the individual with emphasis on safety and correct methods of work. Our shop is located in lovely rural Ontario, just an hour southwest of Toronto. Along with our residence is professionally equipped shop as well as a tastefully decorated showroom. We think our courses are most interesting and informative. We an ensure that, upon completion, anyone with an average ability will be able to turn out quality work of which they can be proud


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